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Электр бағанаһы [1]
An electric pole
Ике бағана [3] текст
Two columns of text


  • IPA(key): [bɑ.ʁɑ.ˈnɑ]
  • Hyphenation: ба‧ға‧на


бағана (bağana)

  1. pillar, post, column; a solid upright structure that supports another structure on top or next to it
  2. (science) column
    Умыртҡа бағанаһы.
    Umïrtqa bağanahï.
    Spinal column.
    Атмосфера баҫымы - терегөмөш бағанаһы буйынса 750 мм.
    Atmosfera baθïmï - teregömöš bağanahï buyïnsa 750 mm.
    The atmospheric pressure is 750mm by mercury column.
  3. pylon
  4. (in a table) column; a vertical line of entries in a table
  5. (arrangement of text) column; a sequence of short lines of text arranged one beneath another and forming a vertical bar of text