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Inherited from Proto-Slavic *byvati.



би́вам (bívamimpf

  1. to be (somewhere)
    дъ́лго не съм би́вал тамdǎ́lgo ne sǎm bíval tamI haven't been there for a long time
  2. (colloquial) to exist, to be possible, there is (often in the negative)
    Без е́дене, без пи́ене сла́дки при́казки не би́ват.
    Bez édene, bez píene sládki príkazki ne bívat.
    There are no sweet tales without eating and drinking.
    (Poslov, P. R. Slaveykov, BP I, page 38, quoted in [1])
  3. to happen, to occur
  4. to be (+ adjective)
  5. used with a past passive participle to form the passive voice, normally with past-tense meaning
    по не́йно настоя́ване, момче́то на́й-по́сле би́ва отвъ́рзано.
    po néjno nastojávane, momčéto náj-pósle bíva otvǎ́rzano.
    At her insistence, the boy was finally untied.
    (T. Vlyakov, Pr. I, page 17, quoted in [2])
  6. (impersonal) Various meanings; see би́ва (bíva).