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выходно́й (vyxodnójm inan

  1. day off (a day of vacation)
    выходно́й день — day off
  2. (plural) weekend
    Приезжайте к нам в гости на выходные.
    Prijezžájte k nam v gósti na vyxodnýje.
    Come to see us on the weekend.


выходно́й (vyxodnój)

  1. of or related to exit
    выходна́я дверь — street door, exit door
  2. festive, of or related to holiday, day off
    выходно́е пла́тье — party dress, cocktail dress
  3. free (not working), on a day off, off
    Я сегодня выходной.
    Ja sevódnja vyxodnój.
    It's my day off today. / I'm off today.
  4. given on discharge
    выходно́е посо́бие — gratuity, discharge pay


* Note: The letter "г (g)" in the endings "-ого" / "-его" for the genitive masculine and neuter singular and the accusative masculine animate singular is pronounced /v/, not /g/.