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  • IPA(key): [ˈiz‿zə]
  • (file)


и́з-за (íz-za) (+ genitive case)

  1. from (behind)
  2. over
  3. because of
    и́з-за кого́?íz-za kovó?because of whom?
    и́з-за чего́?íz-za čevó?because of what?
    и́з-за э́тогоíz-za étovobecause of this

Usage notes[edit]

  • The preposition, из-за in the sense of "stating the cause", has a negative connotation pertaining to the noun in question. This is opposite to the preposition, благодаря́ (blagodarjá), that has a positive connotation.
  • The preposition из-за in the sense of "stating the cause" has a similar connotation with the prepositions по (po) (with a dative noun). However, each of them has a different sense. For example:
(The traffic jam was the cause of Aaron being late. But he was fully aware that the traffic jam is the cause. He actually experienced the traffic jam and he could blame it for his tardiness.)
(The distraction was the cause of Aaron being late. But he was not fully aware that the distraction is the cause. His situation was as if the distraction itself actively influenced him to become late, but he didn't notice the distraction that well.)

Related terms[edit]