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From Proto-Slavic *per-.


пере- ‎(pere-)

  1. (used with verbs) over, over again (describing an action of moving by overcoming one or more obstacles)
    • лете́тьletétʹ(impf., concrete) to fly
    • перелете́ть́pereletétʹ́(pf.) to fly (by avoiding unpleasant factors such as bad weathers, falling objects, etc.; as one of its meanings)
  2. (used with verbs) across, trans- (describing an action of moving to a different place)
  3. (used with verbs) too much (describing an action of resulting something excessive)
  4. (used with verbs) extremely (describing an action of doing something much extreme than an average action)
  5. (used with verbs) re- (describing a repeating action)
  6. (used with verbs) (describing an alternating or exchanging action)
  7. (used with verbs) (describing a consequence of a completed action that affects many entities of a group)
  8. (used with verbs) (describing a destructed state of an entity, usually by cutting or tearing with tools or tool-like implements)
  9. (used with verbs, colloquial, rare) (describing a light action that is not done in full measure)