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проби́ть (probítʹ) +‎ -ва́ть (-vátʹ)



пробива́ть (probivátʹimpf (perfective проби́ть)

  1. to punch out
    пробива́ть дыру́
    probivátʹ dyrú
    to make/punch/pierce a hole
    пробива́ть биле́т
    probivátʹ bilét
    to punch/cancel a ticket
  2. to pierce, to go (through)
  3. to break (through)
    пробива́ть стену
    probivátʹ stenu
    break through a wall
  4. to make (a road, a tunnel)
    пробива́ть тунне́ль
    probivátʹ tunnɛ́lʹ
    to make a tunnel
    пробива́ть доро́гу
    probivátʹ dorógu
    to break a way
  5. (colloquial) to issue a check/chit
  6. (colloquial) to pay to the cashier
  7. (colloquial) to press (for), to push (for), to struggle (for), to win, to bring off, to put across
    пробива́ть разреше́ние
    probivátʹ razrešénije
    to struggle to obtain permission
    пробива́ть сниже́ние нало́гов
    probivátʹ snižénije nalógov
    to push for taxes to be reduced


Related terms[edit]