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протяну́ть (protjanútʹpf (imperfective протя́гивать)

  1. to stretch, extend
  2. to hold / stretch / reach out; extend
    протяну́ть ру́ку по́мощи — to extend a helping hand to smb.
  3. to delay, drag out
  4. to drawl, prolong, sustain
    Я не могу́ вы́дать вам э́тот креди́т, — обречённо протяну́л он.
    I cannot give you this credit - he drawled resignedly.
  5. to hold out, live a while longer, last (survive)
    Он до́лго не протя́нет - He won't last (live) long.
  6. in expressions
    протяну́ть но́ги - to turn up one's toes; to kick the bucket


Related terms[edit]