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раз- (raz-) +‎ бить (bitʹ)


  • IPA(key): [rɐzˈbʲitʲ]
  • (file)


разби́ть (razbítʹpf (imperfective разбива́ть)

  1. to break, to crash, to crush, to smash, to shatter
    разби́ть чью́-либо жизньrazbítʹ čʹjú-libo žiznʹto ruin someone's life
    разби́ть чьи́-либо аргуме́нтыrazbítʹ čʹí-libo arguméntyto demolish someone's arguments
    разби́ть вдре́безгиrazbítʹ vdrébezgito knock to pieces, to smash into smithereens, to shatter, to make matchwood of something
  2. to defeat, to beat, to smash
    разби́ть на́головуrazbítʹ nágolovuto crush, to wipe out, to rout
  3. to divide, to break down
  4. to lay out (park), to mark out
  5. to pitch (a tent), to set up (a tent or a camp)
  6. to knock, to hurt badly, to break, to fracture, to damage severely (a body part)
  7. (polygraphy) to space out
  8. (billiard) to make the first shot


Related terms[edit]