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  • IPA(key): [rɐzˈbʲitʲ]
  • (file)


разби́ть ‎(razbítʹpf ‎(imperfective разбива́ть)

  1. break, crash, crush, smash, shatter
    разби́ть чью-либо жизнь — to ruin someone's life
    разби́ть чьи-либо аргуме́нты — to demolish someone's arguments
    разби́ть вдре́безги — to knock to pieces, to smash into smithereens, to shatter, to make matchwood of something
  2. defeat, beat, smash
    разби́ть на́голову — to crush, to wipe out, to rout
  3. divide, break/down)
  4. lay out (park), mark out
  5. pitch (a tent), set up (a tent or a camp)
  6. a body part knock, hurt badly, break, fracture, damage severely
  7. polygraphy space out


Related terms[edit]