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Alternative forms[edit]

  • разо- (razo-) (before certain consonant clusters)
  • рас- (ras-) (before voiceless consonants)


Borrowed from Old Church Slavonic [Term?], from Proto-Slavic *orz-. Doublet of роз- (roz-), the inherited East Slavic form.



раз- (raz-)

  1. (used with verbs) asunder, apart
  2. (used with verbs) dis-, di-, un-
    разо- (razo-) + ‎-йти́ (-jtí, to go) + ‎-сь (-sʹ) → ‎разойти́сь (razojtísʹ, to go asunder, to disagree)
    раз- (raz-) + ‎дева́ть (devátʹ, to put) → ‎раздева́ть (razdevátʹ, to undress)
  3. (used with verbs) enlarged action
    раз- (raz-) + ‎рабо́тать (rabótatʹ, to work) → ‎разрабо́тать (razrabótatʹ, to develop, to work out)
  4. (used with verbs) with reflexives, giving rein to
    раз- (raz-) + ‎говори́ть (govorítʹ, to talk) + ‎-ся (-sja) → ‎разговори́ться (razgovorítʹsja, to talk up a storm)
  5. (used with verbs, in the negative) not quite
    не (ne, not) + ‎рас- (ras-) + ‎слы́шать (slýšatʹ, to hear) → ‎не расслы́шать (ne rasslýšatʹ, to not quite hear)

Usage notes[edit]

When stressed, раз- (raz-) normally changes into ро́з- (róz-), and the voiceless variant рас- (ras-) correspondingly becomes ро́с- (rós-):

Derived terms[edit]

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ра̀з- (Latin spelling ràz-)

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