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From Sanskrit चक्र ‎(ćakrá), from Proto-Indo-Iranian, from Proto-Indo-European *kʷékʷlos ‎(circle, wheel).


चक्र ‎(cakram ‎(Urdu spelling چکر)

  1. wheel
  2. cycle
  3. circle
  4. disc
  5. round
  6. fraud



From Proto-Indo-Iranian *keklos, from Proto-Indo-European *kʷékʷlos ‎(circle, wheel). Cognates include Avestan 𐬗𐬀𐬑𐬭𐬀 ‎(caxra, wheel), Persian چرخ ‎(čarx), Old Church Slavonic коло ‎(kolo), Lithuanian kãklas, Tocharian B kokale, Ancient Greek κύκλος ‎(kúklos), Latin colus and Old English hwēol (English wheel).


चक्र ‎(cakrán

  1. the wheel (of a carriage, of the Sun's chariot, of Time)
  2. a potter's wheel (ShBr.)
  3. a discus or sharp circular missile weapon, especially that of Vishu
  4. a circle (Puranic)
  5. an astronomical circle, the zodiac
  6. a mystical circle or diagram
  7. a cycle, cycle of years or of seasons
  8. a circle or depression of the body (for mystical or chiromantic purposes; 6 in number, one above the other), the fontenelle or union of the coronal and sagittal sutures;
  9. (prosody) name of a poetic metre
  10. a troop, multitude


Neuter a-stem declension of चक्र
Nom. sg. चक्रम् ‎(cakram)
Gen. sg. चक्रस्य ‎(cakrasya)
Singular Dual Plural
Nominative चक्रम् ‎(cakram) चक्रे ‎(cakre) चक्राणि ‎(cakrāṇi)
Vocative चक्र ‎(cakra) चक्रे ‎(cakre) चक्राणि ‎(cakrāṇi)
Accusative चक्रम् ‎(cakram) चक्रे ‎(cakre) चक्राणि ‎(cakrāṇi)
Instrumental चक्रेण ‎(cakreṇa) चक्राभ्याम् ‎(cakrābhyām) चक्रैः ‎(cakraiḥ)
Dative चक्रा ‎(cakrā) चक्राभ्याम् ‎(cakrābhyām) चक्रेभ्यः ‎(cakrebhyaḥ)
Ablative चक्रात् ‎(cakrāt) चक्राभ्याम् ‎(cakrābhyām) चक्रेभ्यः ‎(cakrebhyaḥ)
Genitive चक्रस्य ‎(cakrasya) चक्रयोः ‎(cakrayoḥ) चक्राणाम् ‎(cakrāṇām)
Locative चक्रे ‎(cakre) चक्रयोः ‎(cakrayoḥ) चक्रेषु ‎(cakreṣu)



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