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Borrowed from Sanskrit चक्र (cakra). Doublet of चक्कर (cakkar).



चक्र (cakram (Urdu spelling چکر)

  1. circle, ring
  2. wheel
  3. cycle; sequence, progression
    जल चक्रjal cakrawater cycle


Declension of चक्र
Singular Plural
Direct चक्र (cakra) चक्र (cakra)
Oblique चक्र (cakra) चक्रों (cakrõ)
Vocative चक्र (cakra) चक्रो (cakro)

Derived terms[edit]



From Proto-Indo-Aryan *ćakrám, from Proto-Indo-Iranian *čakrám, from Proto-Indo-European *kʷékʷlos (circle, wheel). Cognates include Avestan 𐬗𐬀𐬑𐬭𐬀 (caxra, wheel), Persian چرخ (čarx), Old Church Slavonic коло (kolo), Lithuanian kãklas, Tocharian B kokale, Ancient Greek κύκλος (kúklos), Latin colus and Old English hwēol (English wheel).


  • (Vedic) IPA(key): /t͡ɕɐk.ɽɐ́/
  • (Classical) IPA(key): /ˈt͡ɕɐk.ɽɐ/
  • Noun[edit]

    चक्र (cakrán

    1. the wheel (of a carriage, of the Sun's chariot, of Time)
    2. a potter's wheel (ShBr.)
    3. a discus or sharp circular missile weapon, especially that of Vishu
    4. a circle (Puranic)
    5. an astronomical circle, the zodiac
    6. a mystical circle or diagram
    7. a cycle, cycle of years or of seasons
    8. a circle or depression of the body (for mystical or chiromantic purposes; 6 in number, one above the other), the fontenelle or union of the coronal and sagittal sutures
    9. (prosody) name of a poetic metre
    10. a troop, multitude


    Neuter a-stem declension of चक्र
    Nom. sg. चक्रम् (cakram)
    Gen. sg. चक्रस्य (cakrasya)
    Singular Dual Plural
    Nominative चक्रम् (cakram) चक्रे (cakre) चक्राणि (cakrāṇi)
    Vocative चक्र (cakra) चक्रे (cakre) चक्राणि (cakrāṇi)
    Accusative चक्रम् (cakram) चक्रे (cakre) चक्राणि (cakrāṇi)
    Instrumental चक्रेण (cakreṇa) चक्राभ्याम् (cakrābhyām) चक्रैः (cakraiḥ)
    Dative चक्राय (cakrāya) चक्राभ्याम् (cakrābhyām) चक्रेभ्यः (cakrebhyaḥ)
    Ablative चक्रात् (cakrāt) चक्राभ्याम् (cakrābhyām) चक्रेभ्यः (cakrebhyaḥ)
    Genitive चक्रस्य (cakrasya) चक्रयोः (cakrayoḥ) चक्राणाम् (cakrāṇām)
    Locative चक्रे (cakre) चक्रयोः (cakrayoḥ) चक्रेषु (cakreṣu)



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