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PIE root

From Proto-Indo-Iranian *janHa-, from Proto-Indo-European *ǵónh₁os. Cognates include Old Persian 𐏀𐎴 ‎(zana, man; tribe), Avestan 𐬯𐬭𐬬𐬋𐬰𐬀𐬥𐬀 ‎(srwō.zana-, belonging to the race of the horned ones) and Ancient Greek γόνος ‎(gónos, creation).


जन ‎(jána)

  1. generating


Related terms[edit]


जन ‎(jánam

  1. creature, living being, man, person, race
    पञ्च जनास् ‎(páñca jánās) — the five races
    दैव्य जन ‎(daívya jana) or दिव्या जन ‎(divyā́ jana) — divine race
  2. people, subjects (the singular used collectively)
    महत् जन ‎(mahat jana) — many people
  3. (at the end of a compound) denoting one person or a number of persons collectively
    प्रेष्यजन ‎(preṣya-jana) — servants (collectively), household
    बन्धुजन ‎(bandhu-jana) — a kinsman, friend
    सखीजन ‎(sakhī-jana) — a female friends or female friends (collectively)
  4. (at the end of a compound) used with names of people
    अयं जनः ‎(ayaṃ janaḥ), एष जनः ‎(eṣa janaḥ) — this person, these persons, I, we
  5. the person nearest to the speaker
  6. common person, one of the people
  7. the world beyond the Maharloka



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