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  1. त्यागिन्
  2. फल
  3. निर्वाण
  4. कति
  5. आपण
  6. शुद्धि
  7. वाम
  8. जातक
  9. तूष्णीम्
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  1. वेत्ति
  2. अस्मि
  3. मुहुर्
  4. सकृत्
  5. प्रान्त
  6. एवम्
  7. ने
  8. तूष्णीम्

Sanskrit entries that contain usage examples that were added using templates such as {{ux}}.

For requests related to this category, see Category:Requests for example sentences in Sanskrit. See also Category:Requests for collocations in Sanskrit and Category:Requests for quotations in Sanskrit.

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