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From Proto-Indo-European *sm̥-kr̥t- (one time). The first component of a compound is zero-grade of *sḗm, with cognates such as Latin sem-per (every time, always) and sem-el (once), Ancient Greek εἷς (heîs, one) and Old Persian 𐏃𐎣𐎼𐎶𐎨𐎡𐎹 (hakaramciy, once). Proto-Indo-European *kert- (times) also the source of Sanskrit suffix कृत्वस् (kṛ́tvas, -fold, times).


सकृत् (sa-kṛ́t)

  1. acting at once or simultaneously


सकृत् (sa-kṛ́t)

  1. at once, suddenly, forthwith, immediately
  2. once (= semel)
    with अह्नः (áhnaḥ)once a day
    repeated — in each case only once
  3. once, formerly, ever
    with मा ()never
  4. once for all, for ever
  5. at once, together
  6. Alternative spelling of शकृत् (śakṛt)


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