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मण्डल ‎(máṇḍala)

  1. circular, round



मण्डल ‎(máṇḍalan

  1. (rarely m) disk (especially of the sun or moon)
  2. anything round (but in Hemādri's Caturvarga-cintāmaṇi also applied to anything triangular; compare मण्डलक ‎(maṇḍalaka))
  3. circle (in instrumental: "in a circle"; also "the charmed circle of a conjuror"), globe, orb, ring, circumference, ball, wheel
  4. the path or orbit of a heavenly body
  5. a halo round the sun or moon
  6. a ball used for playing
  7. (surgery) circular bandage
  8. (also in plural) a sort of cutaneous eruption or leprosy with circular spot
  9. round mole or mark (caused by a finger-nail etc.) on the body
  10. circular array of troops
  11. a particular attitude in shooting
  12. district, arrondissement, territory, province, country (often at the end of modern names e.g. Coro-mandal coast)
  13. a surrounding district or neighbouring state, the circle of a king's near and distant neighbours (with whom he must maintain political and diplomatic relations ; 4 or 6 or 10 or even 12 such neighbouring princes are enumerated)
  14. a multitude, group, band, collection, whole body, society, company
  15. mandala (division of the book of the Rigveda)
  16. unguis odoratus
  17. a particular oblation or sacrifice



मण्डल ‎(máṇḍalam

  1. dog
  2. a kind of snake
  3. Chasmanthera cordifolia ( <= Cocculus cordifolius)



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