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अपि (api)

  1. (preposition with location) close by or to, within, before; adv. further, also, too; even (with {na} = Latin quidem); at least, however, but (between words, clauses and sentences, or after, r. before an emphasized word).
  2. After numerals = all
    all the four castes, etc.
  3. At the beginning of a sentence, it is a particle of interrogation.


अपि (api)

  1. With an optative it expresses hope, fear, or desire. -- {api ca} or {cApi} further, moreover. {api--api} (or {ca}) as well as. {api ca--ja cApi} rather than. {ye'pi--te'pi} they too--who. {yadyapi} however, although. {tathApi} even so, nevertheless.
  2. Converts an interrogative into an indefinite.