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From Sanskrit प्रसाद ‎(prasāda)



प्रसाद ‎(prasādm

  1. (Hinduism, Religion) Substance of food that is a religious offering in both Hinduism and Sikhism, which is consumed by worshippers. Literally, "a gift".



प्रसाद ‎(pra-sādam

  1. clearness, brightness, pellucidness, purity
    अम्बुप्रसाद ‎(ambu-prasāda) — the clearing nut tree, Strychnos potatorum
    प्र्सादति ‎(prsādati) — to be clear or bright
  2. clearness of style, perspicuity
  3. brightness (of the face)
  4. calmness, tranquillity, absence of excitement
  5. serenity of disposition, good humour
  6. graciousness, kindness, kind behaviour, favour, aid, mediation
    प्रसादात् ‎(prasādāt) — through the kindness or by the favour of
    prasādaṃ √kṛ — to be gracious
    दुष्प्रसाद ‎(duṣ-prasāda) — difficult to be propitiated
  7. Kindness personified as a son of Dharma and Maitrī
  8. clarified liquor, a decoction
  9. settlings, a residuum
  10. free gift, gratuity
  11. a propitiatory offering or gift (of food = प्रसादद्रव्य ‎(prasāda-dravya), प्रसादान्न ‎(prasādā-nna))
  12. the food presented to an idol, or the remnants of food left by a spiritual teacher (which any one may freely appropriate to his own use)
  13. approbation
  14. well-being, welfare
  15. name of a commentator on the prakriyā-kaumudī




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