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From Proto-Indo-European *weǵ- (lively). Cognate with Latin vegeō, Gothic 𐍅𐌰𐌺𐌰𐌽 (wakan).


वाज (vājam

  1. strength, vigour, energy, spirit, speed (especially of a horse)
  2. a contest, race, conflict, battle, war
  3. the prize of a race or of battle, booty, gain, reward, any precious or valuable possession, wealth, treasure
  4. food, sacrificial food
  5. a swift or spirited horse, war-horse, steed
  6. the feathers on a arrow
  7. wing
  8. sound


वाज (vājan

  1. ghee or clarified butter
  2. an oblation of rice offered at a Śrāddha
  3. rice or food in general
  4. water
  5. an acetous mixture of ground meal and water left to ferment
  6. a Mantra or prayer concluding a sacrifice


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