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  1. (causative suffix) Added to a verb or less frequently to a noun to form a transitive verb.
    múlik (to pass)mulaszt (to miss)
    lyuk (hole)lyukaszt (to punch a hole)

Usage notes[edit]

  • (causative suffix) Harmonic variants:
    -aszt is added to back vowel words
    -eszt is added to unrounded front vowel words
    -öszt is added to rounded front vowel words
  • Many stems that use -aszt, also use the frequentative intransitive suffix -ad:
    akaszt (to hang something)akad (to get stuck, get hung)
    horpaszt (to make a dent)horpad (to get dented)
    olvaszt (to melt something)olvad (to melt)

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