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-ttain (front vowel harmony variant -ttäin)

  1. Forms distributive adverbs.
    aste (grade)asteittain (gradually)
    puoli (half)puolittain (half)
    tusina (dozen)tusinoittain (dozens of)
  2. Forms adverbs expressing manner.
    kiinalainen (Chinese)kiinalaisittain (in a Chinese way)
    tusina (dozen)tusinoittain (by the dozen)
    sivu (page)sivuttain (page by page)
  3. Forms adverbs that express position.
    pitkä (long)pitkittäin (lengthwise)
    sivu (side)sivuttain (sideways)

Usage notes[edit]

  • This suffix is usually appended to the weak plural stem; see examples above.

Derived terms[edit]