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From Proto-Finnic *-ttadak, from a stem suffix *-tta- + the infinitive suffix *-dak.


-ttaa (front vowel harmony variant -ttää)

  1. Forms causative verbs. It can be translated as "to cause to" or "to make". This usually transforms an intransitive verb into a transitive one.
    syntyä (to be born), therefore synnyttää (to give birth (to cause to be born))
    syödä (to eat), therefore syöttää (to feed (to cause to eat))
    muistaa (to remember), therefore muistuttaa (to remind (to cause to remember))
    huutaa (to shout), therefore huudattaa (to make shout)
    kasvaa (to grow), therefore kasvattaa (to raise (to cause to grow))
  2. Forms curative verbs from causative verbs. It can be translated as "to have something done". It implies that the action was carried out by someone left unmentioned. It can often replace the passive voice.
    ottaa (to take), therefore otattaa (to have taken)
    poistaa (to remove), therefore poistattaa (to have removed)
    tehdä (to do), therefore teettää (to have done)
    syöttää (to feed), therefore syötättää (to have fed)
    kasvattaa (to raise), therefore kasvatattaa (to have raised)
    kantaa (to carry), therefore kannattaa (to have carried)


Usage notes[edit]

The curative aspect of a verb can replace the passive voice as follows:

  • Minun jalkani on poistettu - My feet have been removed
  • Minä olen poistattanut minun jalkani - I have had my feet removed

Derived terms[edit]