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  1. (also attributive) Initialism of Bring your own bottle (or booze, or beer or beverage).
    Synonym: BYO
    Coordinate terms: cash bar, full bar, fully licensed, open bar
    • 2005, Jax Peters Lowell, The Gluten-Free Bible: The Thoroughly Indispensable Guide to Negotiating Life without Wheat, Holt Paperbacks, →ISBN:
      Whether you choose a modest family restaurant, the little café around the corner, the new BYOB everybody's talking about, or even the local pizza palace, []
    • 2011, Charles Farley, Soul of the Man: Bobby "Blue" Bland, Univ. Press of Mississippi, →ISBN, page 117:
      It is a BYOB affair tonight, but ice, paper cups, and mixers are for sale. As the room fills, the lines lengthen.
  2. (US, Utah) Initialism of Bring your own bible.

Usage notes[edit]

Used both as an adjective, to describe a restaurant which allows diners to bring their own alcohol (particularly if the restaurant itself is not licensed to sell alcohol), as a noun to refer to such a restaurant, and as an admonition in social invitations that guests should in fact bring beverages, as none will be provided by the host (similar to RSVP).

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