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German Low German[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle Low German bûr. The unetymological e is sometimes added in non-rhotic dialects which delete /ə/ and hence make no difference between syllable-final /r/, /ər/ and /rə/.


Buer m (plural Buern)

  1. (in some dialects, including Low Prussian) Alternative spelling of Buur : farmer
  2. (in some dialects, including Low Prussian, largely historical) Alternative spelling of Buur : peasant
  3. (in some dialects) Alternative spelling of Buur : jack (cards)

Derived terms[edit]

  • see also the terms derived from Buur

  • Luxembourgish[edit]


    From the verb bueren (to bore, to drill), from Old High German borōn.


    • IPA(key): /buːʀ/, [ˈbuː.ɐ], [buə̯]
      Rhymes: -uɐ


    Buer m (plural Buerer)

    1. drill
    2. drill bit

    Derived terms[edit]

    Related terms[edit]