Democratic Republic of the Congo

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  • IPA(key): /ˌdɛməˈkɹætɪk ɹɪˈpʌblɪk əv ðə ˈkɒŋɡəʊ/
  • (file)

Proper noun[edit]

the Democratic Republic of the Congo

  1. A country in Central Africa. Capital: Kinshasa.
    • 2022 December 19, Patrick Greenfield, Phoebe Weston, “Cop15: historic deal struck to halt biodiversity loss by 2030”, in The Guardian[2]:
      The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s negotiator appeared to block the final deal presented by China, telling the plenary that he could not support the agreement in its current form because it did not create a new fund for biodiversity, separate to the existing UN fund, the global environment facility (GEF).

Usage notes[edit]

Though not official, the form Democratic Republic of Congo is attested and indeed slightly more common.[1]



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