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Earth +‎ person


Earthperson (plural Earthpersons or Earthpeople)

  1. (usually science fiction) An inhabitant of the planet Earth.
    • 1953 May, Binder, Eando, “Interplanetary Tenements”, in Captain Marvel Adventures[1], volume 24, number 144, page (inside front cover):
      The Venusians, unlike other planetary races, were almost like Earthpeople. There was only one notable difference—they had feathers on their heads instead of hair.
    • 1956, Dick, Philip Kindred, The World Jones Made, page 198:
      And beyond that, the most important equipment of all: the manufacturing units that processed the Earthpeople's food.
    • 1974, Newlove, Donald, The Drunks, page 140:
      My last act as an earthperson, she says, was t' snatch off my landlawd's glasses and punch and punch 'im in the nose.
    • 1983, White, James, Sector General, page 24:
      "That was an ingenious idea, Earthperson," it said slowly. "There is now a beneficent atmosphere surrounding my pressure envelope, which will enable me to repair the torn fabric and survive until Illensan assistance arrives. Thank you."
    • 1986, Clarke, Arthur C., The Songs of Distant Earth, page 81:
      It was Tarna's first demonstration of Earthpersons—or rather Earth robots—in action, an the villagers were hugely impressed.