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Solarian (comparative more Solarian, superlative most Solarian)

  1. (chiefly science fiction) Of or relating to the Sun.
  2. (chiefly science fiction) Of or relating to the solar system.
    • 1947 April, Leinster, Murray, “Skit-Tree Planet”, in Thrilling Wonder Stories, volume 30, number 1, page 42:
      He grinned at the profanity that came out of the communicator-speaker. Then—back at the irreverently nicknamed Galloping Cow which was the base ship of the Extra-Solarian Research Institute expedition to this star-cluster—McRae cut off.
  3. (chiefly science fiction) Of or relating to the inhabitants of the solar system.


Solarian (plural Solarians)

  1. (science fiction) An inhabitant of the Sun.
    • 1851, Fourier, Charles, The Passions of the Human Soul, page 225:
      It will be proved that a Solarian, supposing him to have a stature equal to our own, would do as much work as seven of our cultivators; and yet the Solarians are the happiest of beings; their lot is the highest degree of happiness to which we can aspire until the epoch when there shall exist stars of a more exalted rank, that are not yet to be found in our young universe.
    • 1980, Brin, David, Sundiver, page 49:
      "There has been another dive since our meeting, Jacob, and on that dive, we are told, only the first and more prosaic species of Solarian was observed. Not the second variety which has caused Dr. Kepler so much concern." Jacob was still confused by the hurried explanations Kepler had given of the two types of Sun-creatures so far observed.
  2. (chiefly science fiction) An inhabitant of any part of the solar system of the star Sol (i.e. the Sun).
    • 1930 Fall, Campbell, John Wood, “The Black Star Passes”, in Amazing Stories Quarterly, volume 3, number 4, page 521:
      The small ships of the Nigrians were beginning to take a terrific toll in the thin ranks of the Solarians. The coming of the Rocket Squad had been welcomed indeed!
    • 1956 August, Stearns, Charles, “The Golden Ones”, in Science Fiction Quarterly, volume 4, number 4, page 30:
      Is it true that all Terrans, and other Solarians are frightfully rich, and go simply everywhere, and do as they please, and that almost nobody works?