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Europa +‎ -an


Europan (not comparable)

  1. (astronomy) Pertaining to Europa, a moon of Jupiter, or any (theoretical/fictional) inhabitants of the moon Europa.
    • 2004, Pascale Ehrenfreund, "Mars, Europa, and Beyond" in Astrobiology: Future Perspectives, Kluwer Academic Publishers, p. 437,
      The specifics of how an ocean and the Europan surface might interact, however, are far from agreed-upon.
  2. (astronomy) Pertaining to Europa, a minor planet in the Main Asteroid Belt, or any (theoretical/fictional) inhabitants of the minor planet Europa.


Europan (plural Europans)

  1. (science fiction) An inhabitant of the astronomical body Europa (either the moon of Jupiter or the minor planet of the Main Asteroid Belt).