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A dialectal word that spread supraregionally during the 20th century. It has not been established in the etymological literature which dialects are at the origin, but they seem to be those of what is now North Rhine-Westphalia. The Rheinisches Wörterbuch (early 20th century) stated that the word was common throughout Ripuarian and Low Franconian, but had only begun to spread to Moselle Franconian.[1] The more original meaning in the Rhenish dialects is “extravagance, craziness”. A connection with fummeln (to fumble, to potter) is supposed.[2]


  • IPA(key): /ˈfɪməl/
  • (file)


Fimmel m (genitive Fimmels, plural Fimmel)

  1. (somewhat informal) craze; unusual passion, preoccupation
    Ich hab ja so’n kleinen Fimmel für alte Schreibmaschinen.
    Well, I have a little passion for old typewriters.
    Der Michael hat irgendwie ’n Fimmel für kiffende Schulschwänzerinnen.
    Michael seems to have a craze for girls who smoke weed and skip school.


Derived terms[edit]