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From its use in and association with the southeastern state of Florida in the United States. Cf. Arizona room.


Florida room (plural Florida rooms)

  1. (US and Canada, especially East Coast US and Florida) Synonym of sunroom, especially one without heating and enclosed with screens rather than glass windows.
    • 1965 January 25, “Club News: Pests To Be Topic”, in St. Petersburg Independent, retrieved 23 June 2009, page 11A:
      Here In Florida Mrs. Jones raises begonias in her Florida room.
    • 2007 October 20, Donna Jean MacKinnon, “Keep your decorating light, airy to spruce up large condo”, in Toronto Star, Canada, retrieved 23 June 2009:
      Before proceeding with furniture, Akerman advises removing the glass enclosing the Florida room, as it creates a small awkward space.
    • 2009 June 17, “Nonprofit Developer to Build Senior Housing in St. Mary's”, in Southern Maryland Online, retrieved 23 June 2009:
      Community amenities will include a spacious parlor/lobby, library/business center and sitting area, resident community room, fitness room, Florida room and front and rear patios.