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Florida room (plural Florida rooms)

  1. (US, Canada, especially East Coast US and Florida) A room within or adjoining a residence which is designed to admit considerable sunlight and fresh air, especially one which is not heated and is used only in the warmer seasons; a sunroom.
    • 1965, "Club News: Pests To Be Topic," St. Petersburg Independent, 25 Jan., p. 11A (retrieved 23 June 2009):
      Here In Florida Mrs. Jones raises begonias in her Florida room.
    • 2007, Donna Jean MacKinnon, "Keep your decorating light, airy to spruce up large condo," Toronto Star (Canada), 20 Oct. (retrieved 23 June 2009):
      Before proceeding with furniture, Akerman advises removing the glass enclosing the Florida room, as it creates a small awkward space.
    • 2009, "Nonprofit Developer to Build Senior Housing in St. Mary's," Southern Maryland Online, 17 June (retrieved 23 June 2009):
      Community amenities will include a spacious parlor/lobby, library/business center and sitting area, resident community room, fitness room, Florida room and front and rear patios.


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