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Partly Google +‎ -er (occupational suffix), partly +‎ -er (agent noun suffix).


Googler (plural Googlers)

  1. A full-time Google corporation employee.
    • 2023 November 28, JS Tan, “It's All Bullshit”, in The Baffler[1]:
      Over at Google, a company known to have pioneered the modern tech workplace, one designer complained of spending 40 percent of their time on “the inefficien[cy] overhead of simply working at Google.” Some report spending all day on tasks as simple as changing the color of a website button. Working the bare minimum while waiting for stock to vest is so common that Googlers call it “resting and vesting.”
  2. A regular or habitual user of the Google search engine.
    • 2005, Zadie Smith, On Beauty, Penguin Books (2006), page 156:
      Of course, the more committed Googlers in this class probably already knew the deal between Howard and the celebrity Kipps.
  3. A device used to regularly access the Google search engine.

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