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From ex- and Googler.


Xoogler (plural Xooglers)

  1. (informal) A former employee of the Google corporation.
    Coordinate terms: Gaygler, Googler, Noogler, Zoogler
    • 2007, The Economist, volume 384, page 58:
      Older Googlers with families tend to like it less, because "everybody, even young mums, works seven days a week." Another Xoogler, who held a senior position, says that by trying to create a "Utopia" of untrammelled creativity, Google ended up with "dystopia".
    • 2012, Brian Clifton, Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, page 205:
      As a search marketer, Xoogler (ex-Googler), and now web consultant, I have seen both sides of the “Google fence,” and that has been fascinating.