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In its contemporary form a compound of hängen (to hang) +‎ Matte (mat). This is a secondary motivation, however. Borrowed as Hamaco, Hamach from Spanish hamaca, from Taino *hamaka, which was then adapted to *hang-matt by popular etymology. The same development took place in Dutch hangmat via attested hangmak from earlier hamak. Although the first attestation of the adapted form is in German, it is nevertheless likely that the German words are indeed of Dutch origin given the pre-eminence of contemporary Dutch maritime trade. The formal argument, Dutch hangmat being closer to hamac(a) than German Hängematte, is of much lesser importance since Hängematte can be a further adaptation in order to accord with the forms and morphology of the standard language. See English hammock for more.


  • IPA(key): /ˈhɛŋəˌmatə/


Hängematte f (genitive Hängematte, plural Hängematten)

  1. hammock


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