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From Middle High German hütte, from Old High German hutta (hut, cottage), possibly from Proto-Germanic *hudjǭ, though the word is originally exclusively High German. Further origin unknown. Some theories link it to Proto-Indo-European *(s)kewt- (to deck; cover; covering; skin). All related words in European languages are borrowings from Old High German. Compare Dutch hut, French hutte, English hut, etc.


  • IPA(key): /ˈhʏtə/
  • (file)


Hütte f (genitive Hütte, plural Hütten, diminutive Hüttchen n)

  1. hut, cabin, shack, cottage (small house, typically built of light materials rather than stone)
    Synonyms: Bude, Kate
  2. metalworks, ironworks (factory that produces metal)
    Synonym: Hüttenwerk


Derived terms[edit]

Proper noun[edit]

Hütte n (proper noun, genitive Hüttes or (optionally with an article) Hütte)

  1. (informal) Synonym of Eisenhüttenstadt

Further reading[edit]

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