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From Instagram +‎ -able (suffix meaning ‘relevant or suitable to’).[1]



Instagrammable (comparative more Instagrammable, superlative most Instagrammable)

  1. (informal) Visually attractive or interesting such that it lends itself to being photographed and posted on social media (specifically on Instagram); photogenic. [from early 21st c.]
    Synonyms: Instaworthy, 'grammable
    • 2016 November 23, Rachel Ramirez, “The Ultimate Friendsgiving Guide”, in The Beacon[1], Portland, Or.: University of Portland, →OCLC, archived from the original on 27 February 2017:
      A centerpiece such as a basket of fruits or a pumpkin vase of flowers would make the dining table look beautiful and Instagramable.
    • 2017, “Major Hospitality Powerhouses Reveal Key Trends at Annual Boutique Hotel Investment Conference (BLLA) 2017”, in Hery Sudrajat, editor, Hotelier Indonesia, 30th edition, volume XIV, [Indonesia?]: Hoticom Media International, →ISSN, page 31, column 2:
      Creating instagrammable moments for business through design is paramount in order to stay relevant. [...] [Mark] Birnbaum uses the ‘instagrammable cake’ sold at Catch, as an example of how “items exist solely for the reason of social sharing”.
    • 2017, Kate Merrick, “#Blessed”, in And Still She Laughs: Defiant Joy in the Depths of Suffering, Nashville, Tenn.: Nelson Books, Thomas Nelson, →ISBN, page 33:
      My adult life, and particularly my married life, was quite "blessed" for the first eleven years. It was very pretty, very Instagrammable.
    • 2017 November 5, Harriet Baskas, “Singapore: ‘World’s best airport’ opens sparkling Instagram-worthy new terminal”, in USA Today[2], McLean, Va.: Gannett Co., →ISSN, →OCLC, archived from the original on 5 March 2020:
      And then there are the chairs. Whimsical, colorful, diverse and tested for both comfort and durability, the wide array of unusual seating options at Changi's T4 are designed to be both inviting and Instagramable.
    • 2018, Emily Phillips, “Cycle 21”, in Trying, London: Hodder & Stoughton, →ISBN:
      Burgers are a great source of protein (ignore the grease), as are eggs (which must go some way to enhancing my eggs), plus I had a dollop of guacamole, which is basically unsullied avocado (healthy and Instagrammable).
    • 2018, Alfred Tong, “Introduction”, in The Thinking Man's Guide to Life: How to Network, De-stress, Make Friends and Everything in-between, London: Hardie Grant Books, →ISBN:
      Now, if you're the type of person who quietly agonises over what people might think of your carefully curated, Instagrammable bookshelf, don't worry!
    • 2018 October 10, Kaya Yurieff, “Restaurants Rise to Fame over Instagramable Food”, in CNN Business[3], archived from the original on 12 November 2019:
      Retailers are also taking a page out of this playbook by creating shopping experiences with Instagramable moments, including photo booths, branded mirrors and neon signs.
    • 2019, Richard Flanagan, “Foreword”, in Ben Quilty, [Melbourne, Vic.]: Lantern, Penguin Books, →ISBN, page 23:
      [Ben Quilty's] art is characterised not by a heavy morbidity but an ease and facility, a vitality that has seen figurative painting remain important in Australia in a period when it was dismissed as washed-up and conservative while conceptual and Instagrammable installation art had become de rigueur; [...]
    • 2020, Janelle Brown, chapter 13, in Pretty Things, New York, N.Y.: Random House, →ISBN, page 169:
      I'd hired a pair of social media assistants whose primary job was to identify Instagram-able outfits and locales, before the influence-aspiring hordes found their way to them and turned them into middle-America clichés.
    • 2020, Daniel Priestley, “Sales Follow-through: Proactively Follow Up with Prospects to Maximise the Effectiveness of Your Campaign”, in Oversubscribed: How to Get People Lining Up to Do Business with You, 2nd edition, Chichester, West Sussex: John Wiley & Sons, →ISBN, part II (The Campaign-driven Enterprise Method: Turning Principles into Strategy), page 227:
      This isn't an accident; everything about this cafe is designed to be Instagram-able.
    • 2020 April, Sarah Frier, “The Pursuit of the Insta-worthy”, in No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram, New York, N.Y.: Simon & Schuster, →ISBN, page 168:
      [Edward] Barnieh watched new cafes all around the world adopt aesthetics that were popular on Instagram. [...] The public was coming to a consensus about what kinds of designs were Instagrammable.

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