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Alternative forms[edit]


Ottoman Turkish یوغورت(yōghurt, yoğurt) (cp. Turkish yoğurt). Cognate to English yogurt.


  • (Germany, Switzerland) IPA(key): /ˈjoːɡʊʁt/, [ˈjoːɡʊʁt], [ˈjoːɡʊɐ̯t]
  • (Austria) IPA(key): /ˈjoːkʊʁt/
  • (file)


Joghurt (predominant) m or (common in Austria, Switzerland, southern Germany) n (strong, genitive Joghurts, plural Joghurts) or
Joghurt (rare, parts of Austria) f (genitive Joghurt, plural Joghurts)

  1. yogurt

Usage notes[edit]

  • Joghurt is one of a small number of German nouns which can or historically could have all three genders; see the appendix.
  • In Germany, the masculine gender is by far the most common. The neuter gender is common in Austria, Switzerland, and parts of southern Germany. The feminine gender is rare and restricted to parts of Austria (including the city of Vienna).


Further reading[edit]

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