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Krishna + -ology. As a nonce word (attested 1929) used for illustrating the parallels between Christology and the theology of Krishnaism. Since the late 2000s also used by ISKCON authors in a more general sense.


Krishnology ‎(uncountable)

  1. the position of Krishna in Krishnaism viewed as a parallel of that of Christ in Christianity
    Whether it be questions of Science or Philosophy, or of Christology or Krishnology (1929)[1]
    Christology and Krishnology: a critical study of the concept of Avatora from the Christian standpoint (1952, title)[2]
  2. the academic study of the Vaishna theology of Krishna in general
    ISKCON has recently brought the academic study of Krishna into western academia as Krishnology. (2009)[3]