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 Luksemburga on Latvian Wikipedia
Luksemburga (Eiropā)
Luksemburgas karogs
Luksemburga (Beļģijā)
Luksemburgas provinces karogs
Luksemburgas provinces karogs


A borrowing, probably from German Luxemburg, itself from Middle High German Luccelemburc, from Old High German Lucilinburhuc, ultimately from lucilem (little) and burg (castle).



Proper noun[edit]

Luksemburga f (4th declension)

  1. Luxembourg (small country in Western Europe, with Luxembourg as its capital)
    Luksemburgas karogsthe flag of Luxembourg
    Luksemburgas premjerministersthe prime minister of Luxembourg
    administratīvi Luksemburga iedalās trīs distriktosadministratively, Luxembourg is divided into three districts
  2. Luxembourg (largest city and capital of the country of Luxembourg)
    Luksemburga ir pilsēta Luksemburgas Lielhercogistē, kur atrodas vairākas ES iestādesLuxembourg is a city in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where a number of EU (European Union) institutions are located
  3. Luxembourg (a province in Belgium, bordering the country of Luxembourg)
    Luksemburga ir Beļģijas province Valonijas apgabalāLuxembourg is a province of Belgium in the Walloon region



Related terms[edit]