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Luksemburga (Eiropā)
Luksemburgas karogs
Luksemburga (Beļģijā)
Luksemburgas provinces karogs
Luksemburgas provinces karogs


A borrowing, probably from German Luxemburg, itself from Middle High German Luccelemburc, from Old High German Lucilinburhuc, ultimately from lucilem ‎(little) and burg ‎(castle).



Proper noun[edit]

Luksemburga f ‎(4th declension)

  1. Luxembourg (small country in Western Europe, with Luxembourg as its capital)
    Luksemburgas karogs — the flag of Luxembourg
    Luksemburgas premjerministers — the prime minister of Luxembourg
    administratīvi Luksemburga iedalās trīs distriktos — administratively, Luxembourg is divided into three districts
  2. Luxembourg (largest city and capital of the country of Luxembourg)
    Luksemburga ir pilsēta Luksemburgas Lielhercogistē, kur atrodas vairākas ES iestādesLuxembourg is a city in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where a number of EU (European Union) institutions are located
  3. Luxembourg (a province in Belgium, bordering the country of Luxembourg)
    Luksemburga ir Beļģijas province Valonijas apgabalāLuxembourg is a province of Belgium in the Walloon region



Related terms[edit]