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Mirandese (not comparable)

  1. Of or pertaining to Miranda do Douro (in the northeast corner of Portugal), its people, their culture, or their now-endangered Romance language.


Mirandese (plural Mirandese)

  1. A native or inhabitant of Miranda do Douro in northeastern corner of Portugal.
    • 1895, Edmondo De Amicis (translated by Stanley Rhoads Yarnall), Spain and the Spaniards, volume 1, page 95:
      Toward evening a Mirandese came in: he was a man of about fifty, a politician, bright and talkative, and so I left the carabineros to join him.


Proper noun[edit]


  1. An endangered Romance language spoken in the northeastern corner of Portugal, principally in the municipalities of Miranda do Douro and Vimioso.
    • 1974, R. Joe Campbell, Mark G. Goldin, & Mary Clayton Wang (editors), Linguistic studies in Romance languages: Proceedings, page 41
      My example is taken from the Portuguese dialect of Mirandese, more specifically Mirandese as spoken in the area of Sendim []


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