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From the US Supreme Court case Miranda v. Arizona +‎ -ize


Mirandize (third-person singular simple present Mirandizes, present participle Mirandizing, simple past and past participle Mirandized)

  1. (transitive, US, law) To inform someone who has been arrested of their constitutional rights.
    • 1997. New York State Bar Journal, "Volume 69"
      We credit Judge John G. Gabbert of California with the first reported usage of "Mirandize"
    • 2007. Anu Garg, "The dord, the diglet, and an avocado or two"
      To mirandize is to advise people under arrest of their legal rights, such as the right to remain silent under questioning, the right to legal counsel, etc.
    • 2012. Garrett Graff, "The Threat Matrix"
      There was also a fierce debate over whether to Mirandize the detainees immediately. “You wouldn't Mirandize an American in this situation,” Knowles argued with Justice Department officials.