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Alternative forms[edit]

Proper noun[edit]

Promised Land

  1. (Judaism, Christianity) The area historically known as Judea, which was promised to the Israelites by God according to oral tradition recorded in the Book of Genesis.
    • 1910, P. G. Wodehouse, chapter 3, in The Intrusion of Jimmy:
      At last, after years of patient waiting, he stood like Moses on the mountain, looking down into the Promised Land.
  2. (Mormonism) America.

Related terms[edit]



Promised Land (plural Promised Lands)

  1. (idiomatic, sometimes lower case) Any place to which one eagerly seeks to go and which one expects to greatly improve one's situation.
    • c. 1820, Washington Irving, "The Early Experiences of Ralph Ringwood" in The Crayon Papers:
      The country, too, which had been the promised land of my boyhood, did not, like most promised lands, disappoint me.
    • 1857, Charlotte Brontë, chapter 25, in The Professor:
      When Frances had developed her plan, she intimated, in some closing sentences, her hopes for the future. . . . [A]nd what was to hinder us from going to live in England? England was still her Promised Land.
    • 1912, Annie Fellows Johnston, Mary Ware's Promised Land, ch. 8:
      That is the danger that always menaces people when they get over into their Promised Land.
  2. (idiomatic, sometimes lower case) Heaven or the afterlife.
    • 1901, Gilbert Parker, chapter 3, in The March of The White Guard:
      "Be good, my boy, and God will make you great." Then she said she was cold, and . . . murmured: "I'll away, I'll away to the Promised Land—to the Promised Land. . . . It is cold—so cold—God keep my boy!"
    • 1934 July 16, "Heroes: Brave Engineer," Time:
      On Sunday night, April 29, 1900 Engineman John Luther Jones, called "Casey", . . . took his farewell journey to the promised land.