Question Period

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Alternative forms[edit]


Question Period (plural Question Periods)

  1. (politics, government) In Canadian federal and provincial parliaments, a period of regularly scheduled time in the lower chamber during which members of the official opposition party and other members may direct questions to the prime minister and to cabinet ministers concerning affairs of state.
    • 1955, "Parliament's Clock, Library Questioned," Ottawa Citizen (Canada), 24 Jan., p. 6 (retrieved 2 Oct 2010):
      Two Progressive Conservatives asked Mr Winters during the Commons question period what is being done about Parliament's electric clocks and the library of Parliament.
    • 2006, "‘Neo-Conservative budget’ raises taxes on poor: Liberals," (Canada), 3 May (retrieved 2 Oct 2010):
      Opposition members blasted the Tory budget during Question Period on Wednesday, charging that it raises income taxes on the poorest Canadians.