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See also: rr, RR, R-R, and R.R.


Alternative forms[edit]


R&R (uncountable)

  1. (slang) Rock and roll.
  2. (originally military) Rest and recuperation, rest and recreation, or rest and relaxation.



  1. (fandom slang) Read and review; used to request that people read a work (generally fan fiction) and give feedback on it.
    • 2000 December 19, ajangel912 [username], “Re: Putting the Pieces Back Together (JC)”, in alt.tv.er.creative, Usenet[1]:
      That was my story so far. I really need a better title so please R&R!
    • 2003 July 25, hansaplatz [username], “Re: HP FanFic and praise for book 5”, in alt.fan.harry-potter, Usenet[2]:
      What would happen if our favorite potions teacher accidently[sic] became a famous muggle movie star? Please R&R.
    • 2003 August 1, abraon [username], “STNG - One of the Living [PG] (Q, all) 3/16”, in alt.startrek.creative, Usenet[3]:
      Summary:When offered the opprotunity[sic] to have a lost comrade restored to them, Picard must make the decision- even if it mean[sic] disregarding Starfleet's Prime Directive. Please R&R!!

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