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From Middle High German rosīn, *rosīne, from Middle Dutch rosīne (whence Dutch rozijn), from Picard Old French *roisine, northern variant of Old French raisin (whence also French raisin and English raisin), from Late Latin racīmus, from Latin racēmus.

Within German, the word was originally chiefly Low and Central German, while Upper German dialects used the word Zibebe. It is therefore likely that the modern form with a monophthong (instead of expected Roseine, which does occur dialectally) was influenced by Middle Low German rosīne. An association with Latinate and French words in -ine is also possible.


  • IPA(key): /ʁoˈziːnə/
  • Audio:(file)
  • Hyphenation: Ro‧si‧ne



Rosine f (genitive Rosine, plural Rosinen)

  1. raisin
    Synonym: (Austria; dialectal in southern Germany) Zibebe





Derived terms



  • Polish: rodzynka
  • Czech: rozinka, hrozinka (contaminated with hrozen)
  • Slovak: hrozienko (contaminated with hrozno)

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