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SBU (not comparable)

  1. Initialism of sensitive but unclassified.
    • 2005, HR 285, Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2005, Government Printing Office, ISBN 9780160729256, pages IV-7
      People entrusted with SBU information must safeguard it and employ the most stringent access control available.
    • 2008, Patrice McDermott, Who Needs to Know? - The State of Public Access to Federal Government Information, Bernan Press, ISBN 9781598883084, page 124
      At the outset, let me say that at least some uses of control markings (such as SBU) for nonclassified information are intended to address real concerns about the release of information in relation to the need to protect privacy and security.
    • 2011, John K. Needham, Contractor Integrity: Stronger Safeguards Needed for Contractor Access to Sensitive Information, DIANE Publishing, ISBN 9781437939385, page 35
      Since 2008, in response to a presidential memorandum that replaced SBU information with "controlled unclassified information (CUI) as the single categorical designation for SBU infoemation, the executive branch is attempting to overhaul its CUI framework.