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paper packets
Plastic bags
A ice cream cone
A joint


Borrowed from Middle Low German tûte, tǖte (horn, conical paper bag). Cognate with Dutch tuit (spout). Further origin unknown.


  • IPA(key): /ˈtyː.tə/
  • (file)


Tüte f (genitive Tüte, plural Tüten, diminutive Tütchen n)

  1. a small to medium-sized bag, usually of paper or plastic (sometimes also of fabric, for which more properly Beutel)
    Synonym: (regional) Sackerl
    Coordinate terms: Beutel, Tragetasche
  2. ice cream cone
    Synonyms: Eistüte, Eiswaffel, (Germany) Hörnchen, (Austria) Stanitzel, (Switzerland) Cornet
  3. (slang) joint, spliff (Jamaican, UK, Australia), blunt (US) (marijuana cigarette), reefer
    Synonyms: Dübel, Joint
    • 2000, “Grüne Brille”, in Deluxe Soundsystem, performed by Dynamite Deluxe:
      Alles ist cool, solange ich genügend chille / Gras in Tüten hülle, die Lunge mit Zügen fülle / Die grüne Brille, ohne sie hätt' ich vor'm Leben Schiss
      (please add an English translation of this quote)



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