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Word of the day for May 21
orature n
  1. The oral equivalent of literature: a collection of traditional folk songs, stories, etc., that is communicated orally rather than in writing. []

PointingHand.svg Today is the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development or Diversity Day, which is recognized by the United Nations to highlight the value of cultural diversity and the need for people to live together in harmony.

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This template is used for creating the Word of the Day that appears on the Wiktionary Main Page, and for archiving such WOTDs at pages in the format "Wiktionary:Word of the day/Archive/[year]/[month]".

Sample template

{{WOTD|[word]|[part of speech]|[Brief definition.]|comment=|[month]|[day]}}


Parameter Remarks
1st parameter mandatory: The Word of the Day, which should be one of the lemmas (main entries) in Wiktionary.
2nd parameter mandatory: The part of speech of the word. It is suggested that you use the following abbreviations:
adj adjective interj interjection phrase phrase proper n proper noun
adv adverb n noun pron pronoun v verb
conj conjunction
3rd parameter mandatory: The definition of the word. If the word has numerous definitions, choose some of them to highlight. You may wish to use the template "{{...}}" to indicate omissions. The number "1." will be automatically inserted before the first definition, but you will need to add "#" before second and subsequent definitions. Do not include any {{defdate}}, {{synonyms}}, or {{antonyms}} templates; usage examples; or quotations.
4th and 5th parameters mandatory: The 4th parameter should be the month spelled out (e.g., "January"), and the 5th parameter should be the day of the month indicated as a number with no leading zero (e.g., "1").
6th parameter
A comment about the word; for example, the reason why the word was selected to be featured on a particular date.
audio The name of an audio file indicating how the word is pronounced. If this parameter is not stated, the template will try to default to "En-us-[entry].ogg" first, then "En-uk-[entry].ogg" next, then any .oga files with that filename format, then "En-au-[entry].ogg", and finally "[entry].flac". If these files do not exist, then no link to an audio file will be displayed, unless a filename is specified using the parameter like this: |audio=whipsmart.flac.

To suppress an audio file which exists, use |audio=no.