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Edit-copy green.svg Documentation for Template:hu-conj-gyek. [edit]
This page contains usage information, categories, interwiki links and other content describing the template.

This template provides a conjugation table for certain Hungarian verbs.

Criteria for usage[edit]

  • the verb must form its subjunctive first person singular with ending -gyek (but not -ggyek: hisz (higgyek) has its own template {{hu-conj-hisz}}).
    Example: tesz - tegyek


Most likely only the following verbs meet the criteria:

eszik, lesz, tesz, vesz, visz


Unnamed parameters[edit]

Let's consider the -gyek form.

  1. all letters before -gyek except for the last
  2. last letter before -gyek
Example: tesz - {{…|t|e…}}

Named parameters special to the template[edit]

  • vett: if the past third person singular ends with -vett
    Example: eszik - evett

Named parameters common to all Hungarian conjugation templates[edit]

  • ik: if the verb is a so called -ik verb, that is, it ends in -ik in indicative present third person singular
    Example: eszik
  • intrans: if the verb is intransitive, that is, has no definite forms (takes no object)
    Check: Does the verb also have a -gyem form? If no, intrans is needed.
    Example: lesz - *legyem

Usage examples[edit]

  • eszik: {{hu-conj-gyek||e|vett=y|ik=y}}
  • vesz: {{hu-conj-gyek|v|e}}
  • lesz: {{hu-conj-gyek|l|e|intrans=y}}