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la-verb (present infinitive); ? declension


This template uses Module:la-headword as a backend.

The unnamed parameters for this template are: present active, infinitive, perfect active, supine. A deponent verb will have only three unnamed parameters, no supine.

The named parameters for this template are: |conj= conjugation type, and |pattern=.

There are many patterns available, so please refer to the list below. If you encounter a verb with a pattern that is not listed, please consult User:kc_kennylau.

amō (present infinitive amāre, perfect active amāvī, supine amātum); first conjugation

{{la-verb|cōnor|cōnārī|cōnātus sum|conj=1}}
cōnor (present infinitive cōnārī, perfect active cōnātus sum); first conjugation, deponent

volō (present infinitive velle, perfect active voluī); irregular conjugation, no passive

horreō (present infinitive horrēre, perfect active horruī); second conjugation, no passive

If a verb has no supine form, but does have a future participle, use the optional parameter 44= as in the example below.
{{la-verb|sum|esse|fuī|futūrus|44=future participle|conj=irreg}}
sum (present infinitive esse, perfect active fuī, future participle futūrus); irregular conjugation

If a verb has a secondary/alternative infinitive form, use the optional parameters inf2= as in the example below.
edō (present infinitive ēdere or ēsse, perfect active ēdī, supine ēsum); irregular conjugation