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From Middle High German unglück, unglücke, ungelücke, equivalent to un- +‎ Glück (luck). Compare Dutch ongeluk.


  • IPA(key): /ˈʊnˌɡlʏk/
  • (file)


Unglück n (strong, genitive Unglückes or Unglücks, plural Unglücke)

  1. unhappiness; sorrow
    Synonyms: Elend, Leid
  2. bad luck; misfortune
    Synonym: Pech
  3. accident, calamity, catastrophe
    Synonym: Unfall

Usage notes[edit]

  • Unglück generally denotes a more serious accident than Unfall; a fatal accident is more likely to be called an Unglück than an Unfall. Equally, Unglück denotes a more serious kind of bad luck than Pech.


Derived terms[edit]

Further reading[edit]

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