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From Middle High German gelücke (12th century), at first along the Lower and Middle Rhine. Probably borrowed from Old Dutch *gilukki as part of the Flemish knight culture; compare Middle Dutch gelucke (1240), whence modern Dutch geluk. (The fact that the word is attested in High German before Dutch must be disregarded in view of the minimal attestation of Old Dutch as a whole.) Further origin unknown. Theories include a relation with Dutch luiken (to close) in the sense of “that which is concluded, determined”, or with German gelingen (to succeed), which is not attested in Dutch, however. Compare English luck for more.


  • IPA(key): /ɡlʏk/
  • (file)
  • (file)


Glück n (strong, genitive Glückes or Glücks, no plural)

  1. happiness, joy, bliss (state or emotion)
    Antonyms: Unglück, Leid, Elend
    Das größte Glück im Leben ist es, geliebt zu werden.
    The greatest joy in life is to be loved.
    das Streben nach Glückpursuit of happiness
  2. luck, success (mostly when seen as dependant on unearned, accidental factors)
    Synonym: (broader) Erfolg
    Antonyms: Pech, Misserfolg, Scheitern
    Er hatte immer schon viel Glück bei den Frauen.
    He’s always had a lot of luck with the ladies.
  3. good luck, chance (positive coincidence)
    Antonyms: Pech, Unglück
    Viel Glück!Good luck! (literally, “Much luck!”)
    Glück und Pech sind zwei Seiten einer Medaille.
    Good luck and bad luck are two sides of a coin.
    Es war reines Glück, dass ich die Antwort wusste.
    It was pure luck that I knew the answer.
  4. (only in specific contexts) luck, chance, coincidence in general, fate
    Synonyms: Zufall, Schicksal
    Das Spiel basiert nur auf Glück.
    The game is based entirely on chance.
    Er haderte mit seinem Glück.
    He bemoaned his luck/fate.


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