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gluck (third-person singular simple present glucks, present participle glucking, simple past and past participle glucked)

  1. (transitive, intransitive) To flow or cause to flow in a noisy series of spurts, as when liquid is emptied through the narrow neck of a bottle.
    • 1900, J. H. Crawford, The autobiography of a tramp
      But so long as the water kept flopping and glucking aside me, I was right.
    • 1904, H. G. Wells, The Country of the Blind
      The little phial glucked out its precious contents.
    • 1990, E. P. Mathers, Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, page 235:
      Know, O Commander of the Faithful, that the eldest of my brothers, he who became lame, is called Bakbuk because when he tattles he makes a glucking noise like water coming out of a jar.
    • 2008, Neil Munro, John Splendid, page 183:
      The river, hurrying through grassy levels, glucked and clattered and plopped most gaily []